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2004: More Dean Martin & Frankie Laine added..! Crooners is in the Top-200 of all genres at! come hear Sinatra, Bing, Nat King Cole, James Darren, Ella, Louis Prima and Satch...

New!! A 30-to-60 minute playlist tailored for you personally on Canuckteach Crooners! Click Here! - Let us know: 3 or 4 of your favorite Crooner artists, what days you listen, and what time (Eastern Standard) is preferable! we'll play a show dedicated especially to you.. (we'll even email you to watch for the scheduled webcast!)

8:00-9:00pm EDT Mon-Fri - The Hot Jazz Hour with 'upbeat' swing traks featuring the Rat Pack (Mon, Fri), Big Bands, Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima.. in winter, feature the All-Divas Luncheon Show at 12:30 EST with Billie Holiday, Helen Forrest, Peggy Lee, Ella .. with shows Monday to Saturday .. if you'd like an old show (Rat Pack, Big Bands..) re-broadcast, drop me a line! ..
our regular Crooners playlist features 38 hours of great swing vocals by the best Crooners and Divas.. & sweet instrumentals..

for V.I.P. (Ad-Free) Membership and guaranteed listening access to Crooners (for pennies per day), please click the green banner below..
Sept/2003 the original 32Kbps Canuckteach Jazz (H-o-t) is a 15-hour playlist stacked with Hot Traks by Bix, Eddie Condon, Django, Bill Coleman, Billie Holiday and Lester Young.. plus the Big Bands..!
catch great Jam Sessions from Carnegie Hall by Benny Goodman (1938) and by Johnny Hodges in Berlin (1961).. the low-band (required: a VIP Membership)
Canuckteach Hot Jazz features some of the same traks, but the 25-hour playlist includes more swing/jazz by the great sax players (Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, and Lester Young).. New!! from September/04 to November/04, you can hear 'Hot Jazz' free-of-charge..! after that, we'll see..!

you can best support Canuckteach Jazz by becoming an Ad-Free (VIP) member, and designating Crooners as your Favorite.. this will also give you unlimited access to all 3 Canuckteach Jazz webcasts .. tnx! (--: canuckteach

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Webcaster's Note (July/2004): has posted
5 CD's of the 'Key Sessions' by Bunny Berigan, covering traks from 1931-37 with various bands and singers. I have added the best vocals to Crooners .. if you can stand Win-Media files, check out the jazz at I landed the Jazz Spectacular Sessions--Buck Clayton & Frankie Laine for $11.99! .. these traks feature Frankie's vocals plus extended solos by Buck and his band.. Spectacular! ..
anyway - hope you're enjoying the Lady Day-Prez traks this month (Mon, Fri 8:00 ET).. btw: check Wal-Mart's CD bins carefully for great, bargain-priced classic jazz
(--: canuckteach

Anyone know what happened to this webpage used to be there, under!!
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