Rankings for Canuckteach Jazz @ Live365.com

live365.com Canuckteach jazz statistics for May-2003 - effective June 1st, Live365 switched to a format involving 'Listener Caps', which would encourage Listeners to become Ad-Free (Preferred) Members for a small monthly fee..
      by the way: the guy at #1 in Swing is a friend of mine.. lol
live365.com Canuckteach geo-statistics from a previous period - just to show the worldwide diversity of Listeners..

postscript Jan/2003-- canuckteach jazz is now available in 2 streams: Hot Jazz (33k) and Crooners (now 33k) - Crooners had a Total Listener Hours of over 40,000 (per month) [TLH] ending May 30, 2003

p.s. these statistics are available to any Live365 DJ with a P100 (or greater) package