Canuckteach and Dr Matt Maxwell, 2008


Canuckteach (that’s me, M Gull) is a qualified  elementary school Teacher in Ontario, certified to teach ‘French as a Second Language’ (FSL).  Since 2005, I have been teaching French using the A.I.M. (accelerated integrated method) approach, authored by Wendy Maxwell.  She won a Governor-General’s award for this methodology in 1999.  Dr. Matt Maxwell composes the music that accompanies the teaching units.


A.I.M incorporates Drama, Gesture Approach (sign-language), Music and Dance to help learners of all ages to become immersed in the French language, and to achieve fluency with astounding rapidity!


For more information, visit the A.I.M. website by clicking the A.I.M. logo below.



Canuckteach and Wendy Maxwell, Orillia AIM Summer Institute, 2008

Canuckteach on Concert Night, Orillia AIM Summer Institute, 2008

Canuckteach plus fellow Teacher-Performers, Orillia AIM Summer Institute, 2005

Matt Maxwell on Concert Night, AIM Summer Institute, 2008



Key features of the A.I.M. approach:

  • initial focus is on a vocabulary of about 300 essential words (Pared Down Language)
  • emphasis is on verbs & short phrases, rather than lists of nouns
  • a short drama presentation serves as the basis for every A.I.M. unit.  students memorize and perform this drama (in portion, and finally, in whole) with small groups
  • students may acquire a DVD which contains the vocabulary, gesture actions, dramas, and songs

Kids love it!

I have enjoyed great success using the A.I.M. approach with children in grades 4 to 8.  I have also conducted weekly classes in private homes with children of mixed ages who are home-schooled, or who require additional FSL activity to achieve fluency.  Contact me if you would like to inquire about a program for your child!

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