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see link below for Abacast's Homepage ABACAST see link below for Abacast's Homepage

brought to from a sunny beach in Spain from where Brian's PC streams his vaunted 115,000 trak collection of jazz whilst he swims in a warm ocean (thanks, Brian!)   Brian Parker's All that Jazz  .. from the master of jazz himself!

KUVO Colorado..mainstream jazz & blues.. mostly modern.. kool stuff-nice playlistings   KUVO-Denver  .. kool, mainstream jazz

Portland Oregon's great jazz station.. been around thru the tough years in Internet Radio .. finally have a decent stream host in Abacast!   KMHD Portland, Oregon  .. great jazz mix

101.FM, deep in the Cascade Mountains .. a wacky mix of jazz, comedy and other antics (maybe it's the thin air? lol)   KOHO Radio, Leavenworth, WA .. mix including Icicle Jazz with Rhona Baron

Abacast Home Page   Abacast Home Page  - dependable windows-media streaming


Riverwalkjazz.Org Weekly Jazz Show   Riverwalkjazz.Org   awesome jazz Shows

Choice Radio has a nice jazz offering with Trak Titles and Artists displayed--when it works!   Choice Radio-Jazz blues & smooth jazz available at their homepage

WDNA jazz 88.9 Miami.. jazz & rhythm.. Bob Parlocha in the evenings   Foxy 88.5 FM  new!! from Toronto: Swing & Nostalgia

WFUV - Fordham University, Bronx, NY - Sunday nights-Big Broadcast   WFUV - Fordham University, Bronx, NY (hi-Band) Archived Broadcasts

MSN Windows Jazz Listings  Windows Jazz Listings   Some worthwhile 'classic' jazz listed

Windows Media jazz has been difficult to feature--several stations allow their *.asx files to become outdated or they switch to pop-up windows (only) to encourage site visits. WDNA in Miami just switched to an Mp3 stream .. also, we have encountered problems 'streaming' with Win Player 7 & DSL connections. furthermore, the signal may have to be stopped and restarted if it gets out-of-sync a bit.. however, some decent jazz is available at MSN at the link above, although the stations and platforms vary in quality .. I do welcome ABACAST's sturdy Win-Media technology - be sure to check out their jazz offerings! -canuckteach (--:

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         However, these fine Mainstream stations now use Win-Media plugins:

         WGMC-Rochester     .... WCLK-Atlanta

   .... KPLU-Tacoma .... WICN-New England .... Jazz FM(91)-Toronto

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